Words With Sunday + Chapter Seven

This Sunday we tried out a classy cool place downtown called "Twenty Seven" 
It was really spacious, bright, and open which I loved. The service was good everyone was really nice. The food was good, well the food was okay. I ordered the Brioche French Toast, as usual and it was not really (dare I say this word..) moist enough. I think I would go back and try dinner there though because it did get some really good reviews. 
dress // Forever 21
top // Need Supply Co. 
tights + socks // Forever 21
boots // thrifted
blazer, necklace + bag // gifted
Last night I went to my first real concert! Yippee!!
It was really really fun, It was MGMT!!!!
The photo above is my interpretation to my dad of the night that I drew on the paper table cover at Twenty Seven this morning. 
It was really amazing, I can't wait to go to more concerts!!!

Although our Thanksgiving break is coming to an end... :( 
I hope everyone has a great week! 
Christmas is coming up and you know what that means.. EXAMS! ughhhh
well I'll talk to ya later alligator


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