Winter Knits And Kitty Kat Hatz

Everything that is on my body (besides my booties) is something knit. 
for the win:
dress // Old Navy
sweater // Target
scarf // gifted -- Old Navy
tights // H+M
mittens // no idea... sorry
hat // Forever 21
booties // Old Navy
gee it's an Old Navy day isn't it!!
Buenos Diaz! 
(I do not know spanish... so that was weird)
It's Saturday today and I honestly apologize for being so distant on the blog lately...
school has been a lot recently, for you see exams and finals are approaching us, EEP! 
I am confident I will do well this year!
However, if I do want to do well... I won't be able to blog much these next two weeks. 
That's why I have gone through my photos and have set some posts to be posted on a schedule... does that make sense?
So this is the last "live" posting I will be doing for a while.
(I know that's weird)
but I love you so much! ha ha yay blogging... i'm such a dork WEEE!
wish me luck on my exams :)

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