I know I'm a few days late and I know I haven't posted a real post in a while, but I thought I'd share what I'm thankful for in honor of the holiday season. 
Here are 15 things, for the 15 years I have been alive:
I am thankful for/because
1. My family, friends, peers, classmates, mentors, role models etc. 
2. I have a voice and a say in my life. 
3. I am so privileged with all of my recourses and a roof over my head. 
4. I will never go starving.
5. I have a warm bed to come home and sleep in every night.
6. I get to keep in touch with friends no matter how far away they are
7. I have so much freedom and space to express my self
8. I am an educated girl who gets the option to learn about the world, the option that many girls do not have. 
9. I have a family who supports me through what ever I am going through.
10. I am well nourished and I can be taken care of with the ability to grow.
11. I live in such a safe environment. I love my location, the people around me, the sound of the train at night time, and the smell of the fresh air I breathe in every day.
12. I have two spectacular siblings who have watched me grow and teach me they ways of the road through experience. 
13. I am healthy and well taken care of.
14. I have endless amounts of options as to what I want to do with my life. I am not pinned down to anything by anyone.
15. I am thankful for the long life I have been given, every day is new and I can flourish in it's greatness. 

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?


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