Lately in the Fashion World...

dress // TJMaxX
sweater // Forever 21
tights // H+M
shoes // Ferragamo's 
hair clip // my moms
flower pin (lolz I fooled you it's actually a hair clip!) // stocking stuffer 2012
lately in the fashion world I have been seeing lots of women wearing longish skirts or dresses with loose long fitting pull-over sweaters with fancy shoes or sneakers. 
I am trying to make my self conform to the oh so high fashion "I want to look good, but I also want to be able to run away" trend of sneakers...
but I just... I just cant. 
I look like such a little dorky gremlin in tennis shoes. 
Maybe i'll try it
one day
take maybe as a yes. 
it's always means yes. 
at least, in my mind it should. 
I don't know I just have never been able to pull off the "I'm not trying hard to look good because I'm in sports wear but secretly I did try and I look really good in these nike shorts and a teeshirt" 
yeah that's not me. 
It's more like, imma try to look sporty.
pshhh I look weird. 
and I'm really out of shape... 
so now this is a huge struggle
*pants and breathes really really embarrassingly loud and fast after just walking across the room*
this blog post is even knocking the wind out of me!

just kidding i'm not that out of shape...
or am I?
ha naaah

okay this is enough.
or no
no bye


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