Baby Beehive How To!!

bonjour belle!
hola preciosa!
здраво лепа!
خوبصورت خوش!
ciao bello!
witaj piękna!
hello mooi!
dia duit go hálainn!
(if you see something incorrect... blame google translate... not me -_-)
last weekend we had a school dance and I have been looking for some stylish new hairstyles that are fancy and oh so fun.
But with short hair there is not much one can do if you know what I mean 
(tbh the possibilities are actually kinda endless...)

but for this beehive updo I first started by straightening my hair so I could use it to it's longest styling abilities!
I reccommend doing this with DIRTY hair
I know... you're probably like wait whaaaaat?
but hair with more geese  makes it hold and stay up better!
(^^ I'm sorry I couldn't help my self. It just worked so well. I laughed at my self for a good 5 minutes...... )
start by separating your hair in to two halves.. top and bottom.
the top half is a temporary pin, I just put it in a messy bun
where as the bottom half will stay pinned like this until you are finished. 
so yes. pin up the bottom half oh so loverly, for this will be hidden, but you want it to stay put. 
part your hair three ways now
one part on either side and then a section on the top/back
this is where it gets messy
tease all sections!
fold hair back and spray to hold!
neaten up and love love love!
(yeah neaten up the back of the head....)
(it's okay to laugh at this photo)
I love this beehive look
It's so romantic and elegant! 
enjoy :)


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