Words With Sunday + Chapter Four

Sunday, November 10, 2013
 This weekend, my dad and I did not go to brunch unfortunately because I had a lot of work and a super duper busy weekend. But Saunders and Lexi (Ally, My Best friends sister) made chocolate croissants for us! 
Can you say TRES bon!!?

 shirt // Old Navy
overalls // Sisters
oxford shoes // TJ MaxX
bag // thrifted
belt // F21
earrings // some place at the beach
flower in my hair // Christmas
I just got this shirt and I am in LOVE with it!
I am also such an overalls person so it's perfect.
We are basically twins.
Thanks Leney :)


 It has been SUCH a crazy hectic week due to the play, sleep deprivation (I seriously should be sleeping right now) falling behind on school work. Oh my it's bad. But last night the cast of the musical had a cast party and since Ally and Lexi's parents are out of town they stayed here for the night. We all woke up and worked on as much make up school work as we could before our last matinée performance. 


 Since today was our last show, we had to strike the set and clean up the theatre... of cooouuurrrrssseeee I volunteered to clean the costume shop and help out with the costuming folks, I mean who would turn down trying on funky clothes and rocking out to blasting music with weird hats on?

I will do another post sometime this week about the actual musical and the process...

Have a great last few hours of this fine Sunday :)
A long week ahead of us, but we will all get through (maybe) If I can stay awake... the deprivation is real...