The Adventures of S -- NOW LIVE!

Hey guys!
So if you know me well, then you'd know that I'm a sucker for a good blog design...
Also I kinda (like to think that I) have a way with graphic design, so on that note I have deigned my first blog! Well, my first blog that isn't mine...
I really love doing it and I thought that I could help other people out who want blog updates too!
I always look around and see people who are graphic designers and think, wow this is awesome I want them to design my blog, but then I see that they charge $100+ !! Then I'm just like... yeahhhh no. 
here's a little catch, I have decided to start a little business of my own... kinda.. a blog design business, yet IT'S ALL FREE!
I love helping others and making people happy, I'm still in school I don't really need a job (yet) plus I'm just starting out and learning the ways of HTML's and such. 
So just let me know if you ever want a blog design, or a blogger button, anything!
I'm your gal
and it's all free! :) :)

And here's what The Adventures of S now looks like :) :) 

This announcement is brought to you by:
(that's me!)



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