Ten Reasons Why.

 It's fall
actually fall is coming to an end... 
and everyone knows what that means. Cold weather!
Ahh my favorite!

10 reasons why winter is the best of the best seasons
1. snow.
2. layering and clothing options are endless -- Helloooo tights!
3. snuggling, I mean who doesn't loooove being all cuddled up?
4. hot coco and mintbits aka my diet in the winter
5. Christmas movies and songs are always playing
6. everyone is always in a good mood, oh so holly and ever so jolly
7. the dark color pallet: black, blue, brown, grey, gold, silver!
8. holiday parties
9. family comes home, EMMAA!!!
10. the feeling of warmth inside your body while being wrapped up in layers, yet having the chilling air tickle your nose :)


Have a good week! 


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