boo in black and white

dress // something vintage and velvet with sequins <3
also, curse my darn watch I always forget to take it off before taking photos!

did I scare you ;)
i sure hope i did!
As you all surely know... IT IS HALLOWEEN!
In the last few hours I share with you some words of wisdom of Halloween:

1. Be anything you want to be but most importantly be yourself
there is nothing worse than feeling like you are being judged or you are uncomfortable. When choosing what to dress up as on Halloween, choose something just as awesome as you are :) Don't feel like you need to impress people, be whatever makes YOU happy 

2. Don't be afraid to be afraid:
Halloween is all about getting scared, fear, fright, all the above! Have fun, let yourself feel your heart racing and your pulse beating, sitting on the edge of your seat-- Halloween is meant for things like that, even though I am NOT a person who is into anything haunting, I like it every now and then ;)

and yeah that's pretty much it. 
I hope everyone had a super spooky Halloween! 
get a good nights sleep tonight... (if you can....wink....gouls,gobblins,ghosts, lurking around you!)


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