Polka Dots and Sunshine and Other Rather Exciting News!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Right now I am sitting in my room... power surging on and off it's thundering and lightening like CRAZY outside! And all I can think of is, "gee, I sure am glad I took these pics when the sun was still out today....
Lately I have discovered my self seeing things in the view of a camera lens, thinking "wow that would be a great picture" or "omg this would look great on the blog!" I guess it's a blogger thing. 

Well blogosphere family I would love to share with you something exciting...

I am so SO happy!!! I am still working everything out... for some reason it wont let me sign in and post :( but I emailed them and some other Fashion Click members and I am awaiting a response so I can start getting some fashion clicks!! 

I am so SO happy! YAY TEEN VOGUE! 

The weekend is almost here! What is everyone doing? 
xo. Olivia