Mall Photoshoots aka Best Friend Moments

It has been a while since my best friends and I have gotten good pictures together. Or for that mater... any pictures together................

SO! We were at the mall on Saturday and decided, hey let's have a cute little photoshoot in the Short Pump Mall fountain pond stream river thing. 

Although some are blurry 

 And others really funny

 and cute...

 They are the most recent and only ones I've got. And for that matter, I love them. 

 There is this thing that where Joanna and I can never take a normal picture together. For example:




 And on that note, Joanna and I are very weird and not photogenic when together. 
I love my best friends!
(from left to right: Joanna, Katie Ally & Moi!)

Have a fabulous week and go up to your best friend(s) and tell him/her/them how awesome they are and just how spectacular their friendship is to you :)

xo. Olivia 


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