A Day In Photos

First I woke up and greeted my last beautiful day of summer
Then, I went downstairs and decided to do something random and clean the kitchen for mom while she was still asleep :)
After a few schedule changes, I finally got my schedule which I am so excited for!
Did some desk organization and sorted my pens and markers
Cleaned my room
Cleaned up my desk so it will be ready to be used in all sorts of study and homework ways :)
I did a HUGE amount of reading. Boy, summer reading can really catch up to you fast.....oops 
I made a todo list for my sophomore year!
I wrote some "good luck this year" post cards to three of my very best friends. 
My dad put in my new rug AT LAST!!!
Isn't it fab?! So much nicer than my old one :P
And lastly, I chose my outfit for the first day of school!! 
Dress // thirfted
Shoes // Emma's closet ;)
All accessories // either homemade or from my mom :)

I'm so excited for tomorrow!!! 
I'll fill you in on how fabulous it is <3
Xoxo, Olivia
P. S. this post was done on my iPhone please excuse any errors due to autocorrect and clumsy fast fingers :)


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