Saturday, September 28, 2013
This Time Last Week

This Time Last Week

Today last week was our Homecoming dance. 
Joanna Ally and I all got ready at my house, we got our nails done, ate some pizza, got all dolled up and had quite the grand ol time. 
My dress is from Forever 21
Ally's is from Macy's 
and I'm not sure where her dress if from but it's super cute!

Homecoming was so SO much fun, you see at our school dances we always have a band and everyone swing dances! It's so much fun! And everyone dances with everyone! 

Layer Me Lovely

Layer Me Lovely

dress // Urban Outfitters 
both shirts // thrifted
bracelet // Forever 21
necklace // my mother's
earrings // my mother's
glasses // TJMaxx
shoes // thrifted

Good Morning!
I felt like today was an outfit post day.
It was really chilly this morning, so I layered it up! 
Here is the layer process...
1. button up a patterned button up
2. shimmy on a strapless dress
3. tie another button up over the dress in a simple square knot
4. slap on a cute statement necklace
5. adjust collars so they look totally rad
6. be awesome


Friday, September 27, 2013
Black, White, a Bit of Color, But Mostly Dark

Black, White, a Bit of Color, But Mostly Dark

How's it hanging?
I hope all hangs well and as rad as always. 
Well at least it has been for me :)
This week was spirit week at my school 
(Monday: 'MURICA day, Tuesday: Baby day, Wednesday: Superhero day, Thursday: Athlete day, and Friday: Gold or White) 
Our school is divided into two teams, the Golds and the Whites
(our school colors...)
I'm a gold! Yippee!!!
But other than this week being a dress up and look silly week it was also STRESS MANIA 1000X!!
Erggg so many hard tests and quizzes! You have no idea how happy I am that it's FINALY Friday! 

As for these photo's however...
Ally and I ended a stressful week with a little photoshoot at the VMFA-- Virginia Museum of Fine Art.
They have a very photogenic property and it is right down the street from Ally's neighborhood. Although these photos are blurry, fuzzy, out of focus and so on. Shooting with a Nikon at night time...... not ideal... we are Canon girls all the way, but Ally's dad has a Nikon and well it'll do for now...

Well what'cha wearin?
blouse // TJMaxx
skirt // Ally's
tights // Ally's
shoes // TOMS
sweater // Ally's Mom -- Thanks Mrs. Sharp :)

Have a great weekend! We wish you the best :)
OH! And also I really need to be 100% focused during school so I am now a weekend blogger :3
Love you all oh so oh so so much :)


Friday, September 20, 2013
How Do You Like Meow?

How Do You Like Meow?

School has started and as you can tell I am not blogging as much. I'm sorry! Trust me I hate being away from the blogosphere as much as one hates checking a blog and seeing NO UPDATES! (Ughhh am I right?!) Well the point I'm trying to get across is that I wont be able to blog as much or maybe even really ever during the Monday-Thursday week. Friday and the weekend are different however... check for updates because OF COURSE there will be some!! :)
What am I wearing??
sweater // Love Culture
pants // F21
shoes // Ferragamo
kitty ears // F21

Tomorrow is our Homecoming dance! Yippee! I am getting ready with two of my besties, I will post about it... I mean, duh. 

Catch Ya on the Flip Side! 
Meow! xoxo Olivia