New York, NY, USA

Little Shop, Little Shop of HORRORS! // NYC 1

Hello from NEW YORK!
Since Thursday, my parents and I drove up to New York to a.) visit my grandpa, and b.) see Saunders in Little Shop of Horrors! Saunders has been going to "Stagedoor Manor", a preforming arts camp, working on learning new theatre and acting skills! At the end of each session there are 14 shows, 7 dramas and 7 musicals. Saunders got the role of "Orin" (the dentist) in Little Shop of Horrors and he was absolutely amazing! He was really funny and had a cool leather jacket and leather motorcycle chaps hahaha....

It's been 8 weeks, two months since I've seen Saunders. The day my 5 week camp ended his three week camp started so we didn't see each other in-between :(

Like Saunders' little swoop of hair? Stage makeup and hair is always so much fun! 

laughs. fake laughs? yeah probs. 

Saunders needs some sunglasses. 

This was the line for Little Shop, since there was a full house they had to send away over fifty people! We got in though ;)

Hey Hey Hey

The costumes were amazing!

Saunders/ Orin's brutal death by laughing gas mask. 

Family photo :)

Im not sure what happened with this photo..... But hey. 

We are headed to the city tomorrow!!
I am so unbelievably excited! Oh don't worry... of COURSE I will blog about it ;)


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