First Day of School Outfits for Different Styles

If you're preppy:

Right now the typical common preppy look is a button down tucked into colored jeans or patterned pants and a bubble necklace. Unfortunately, I do not own a bubble necklace, but this is what they look like if you are unfamiliar. I am really not preppy, although it's super cute, it's just not my style. 

shirt // sisters closet... sorry emma ;)
belt // F21
pants // Target
shoes // Marc Jacobs

If you love vintage:

For the first day I think that a vintage dress is always a winner, and of course hair in victory rolls or something adorable :) And then match your dress with cute vintage shoes :) Personally whenever I do vintage I like to channel a certain decade, typically the 40s or the 60s at the moment, I love any and all 50s full skirts! They are totally to die for! 

dress // Goodwill
shoes // hand-me-downs

If you are fancy and girly...

I'd say that I fall under the fancy and girly category, teeheehee. If you ever see me around I will always be wearing a skirt or a dress, fanci-fying errythang. I find that it's always better to be over dressed than underdressed, don't you agree?

In order to make say a sequin dress not as fancy, calm it down with a simple scarf and shoes.

dress // Goodwill
scarf // Goodwill 
shoes // Marc Jacobs

If you are a comfy and cute dresser...

Hey look who joined me again! TUCKER! 

I have a couple friends who have the "grundge" look, which they totally rock, but they also know how to make comfy, look cute! Take a sweet skirt and match it with a chill tank top and a slouchy sweater!

Hahaha what is up with Tucker? He looks fake!

tank top // Goodwill
sweater // Goodwill
shirk // Target
shoes // TJMaxX

I hope everyone has a great first day of school and wears a super cute outfit that is just your style :) School for me starts this upcoming Tuesday, 6 days! I'd love to see what everyone is wearing on the first day of school! Tag me in an Instagram pic @olivebarrett 
And have a great day! 


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