Black Pink and All Things Backyard

As I sat here at the little table in my mom's office, I was thinking what to do next. I had already looked through all of the blogs I follow, I had already done my summer reading for the day, I had already done a DIY. But what next? Well then thought, "Why don't I do what makes me happiest: BLOG!" 

I find my self most content and at sometimes even slightly enchanted winky wink face, when I blog. I love fixing up an outfit and doing my hair and makeup. And then of course taking pics, editing and uploading! SOOOOoOoOooooo...... Some of these photos are a wee bit embarrassing, but why not share what made me laugh with you :)

skirt // F21
shirt // Goodwill
pink tights // Nordstrom 
fishnet tights // F21 
(yes I am wearing two pairs of tights, it's way more fun)
headband // vintage

hey hi


It twas a lovely day! Unfortunately summer is coming to an end, oh so soon I will be back into the swing of all things education and scheduled. School starts on the third, shmeh. Hey not going to lie, I am pretty excited! Yippee! 


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