A Note For About Your Best Friend

The person who will listen to you all day and night long 
the person who you trust completely with every one of your secrets, and all of your thoughts
they will never tell a soul and never judge you. 

The person who laughs when you don't say anything because everything is just so happy go lucky 
The person who respects you and will always support you through anything and everything. 
The person who you can call at any hour of the day and they will always pick up. 

The first person you tell when something spectacular happens
The person who shares all of your inside jokes
The person who knows all of your likes and dislikes. 

 This person is your best friend. 

tonight I spent some time with my gal Ally :)
We walked around The Fan and then went to a little restaurant called, "Garnets" it was delicious as always. Then we Ally took some photos of me on the Lee monument while I was dancing around being hyper as always. 

Go tell your best friend how much they mean to you and just how special they are to you ::) alien 

Well here is a cheesy quote by yours truly:
"Life is short, surround yourself with the person who makes you happiest, that's what best friends are for"


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