Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Take A Seat

Take A Seat

Today I was in the mood for a photoshoot (I mean when am I not in the mood?) I know chairs outdoors have been done before on other blogs, but I thought it was a fun new thing for my blog :)

This chair kind of reminds me of a huge popcorn box. 

That thing on my arm? Yeah that is a BESTIES tattoo that I put on at camp, I mailed the other half to Ally. Just ignore it haaha

My mom thrifted this dress for me while I was at camp, but I'm not sure who makes it, sorry :/


I have no idea where my socks are from, my mom got them for me.
My shoes are from Urban Outfitters :)


Well'p I'll see you later 
\|/(- -)\|/ SLOTH OUT!
Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Dancing In My Pink and Green Sateen

Dancing In My Pink and Green Sateen

Today it was so beautiful and nice outside, I roller skated for a little over an hour embracing the greenness of the great outdoors. I also dressed in all pink today, one of my favorite colors, and spun around in my summer outfit. 

crop top // Need Supply Co.
belt // craft shelf... hehehee
skirt // thrifted, New York & Company
socks // Old Navy
roller blades // ebay, Roller Derby

enjoy the outdoors while you can, pretty soon you'll be stuck inside doing school work... yay?
A New Swing Of Things

A New Swing Of Things

Welcome home to me!
I have decided that the school year is coming up and I am really going to make it different. Starting off with finishing my summer reading. I want this year to be fabulous. I am going to keep my room clean and organized at all times, so then my mind will stay clean and organized. I am going to have the best year ever!

But first I am going to spend the rest of this month making it the best summer ever!

I'm getting into a new swing of things.
Starting now, while I clean my room and unpack my things from camp :)
Monday, July 29, 2013
Traipse Around Town With A Camera And A Girl Named Leney

Traipse Around Town With A Camera And A Girl Named Leney

Remember about a month and a half ago when I mentioned going on a photoshoot with my photo/blogger idol Leney, from A Girl Named Leney? Well if you don't remember that, refresh your memory... Leney is an amazing photographer and she lives in my town, so we got in touch and had ourselves a fun little photoshoot :) I thought about using these photos for separate posts, but then I just got excited and wanted the world to see all of Leney's awesome work all right now! 

Ukulele jam sesh ;)

Leney requested that if I had any sort of prop I wanted to bring, to bring it. So I thought... "well I love my uke and ukulele's are actually weirdly photogenic (but seriously!)" 

One of my favorites, because my sister came with us and I remember she was making all these comments and making fun of me and just making me laugh, so that is a real giggling smile :) horrah for smiles and laughs! 

Another favorite!
I really like how Leney took some photos where I was at the bottom and there was a lot of space taking up the majority of the photo, it's just super cool. Cool photographers and their photography ways, clever clever clever.

the uke making a second appearance....

Second favorite... and wait for it...

Tied for second place in the favorite ranking, yes... that is a thing. 

is that just me?

Love that photography technique once again!

∞ Sissies forever! ∞

Emma is my best friend, I wish we weren't so far apart in age, she is always so busy with school :(
I miss her so much, she is the best sister in the entire world; anyone else in the world who has a sister, be jealous she isn't Emma, because Emma is amazing. 

I always make really surprised faces when I spin... interesting. 

Thanks so much again Leney for these photos, I had so much fun on our photoshoot!

See you tomorrow blogosphere!