Life Is A Lovely Surprise

Yesterday I was just sitting around, feeling crafty, the uge. So I decided I wanted to make a quotable canvas set thing. I had a ton of fun making it so here's how you can make one too!

First get three canvases, or however many you want depending on what your quote or sying will be. I went to the hardware store and bought some of the letter stickers, but by the time I got them all it was pretty expensive. So I got some paper tape which is much cheaper, and made my letters out of that! All though I kept letters like S and O, curvy ones that would have been more challenging to create. 

I chose that I wanted to go with a sunshine-y feel so I went with oranges, reds and pinks. 

I like to get really into my painting so I of course did some fab finger painting. It is so much easier to blend that way!

Around the word surprise I made it more yellow and added some splatter to it. 

Once you've finished painting as you please, let it dry, but not completley and remove the stickers. If you let it dry completley it may be harder to remove the stickers and it could tear the canvas. 

Put it up and enjoy! I love having these paintings over my door, they make my room all the more exciting in that corner.
I hope you enjoy making this! I love doing things like this, if you have any questions or want to show me how yours turned out send me a picture! I'd love to see what you're making :)


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