Just Let Me Dye My Hair

Colorful hair. I know this seems a bit insane, but I think that it would be so much fun for the summer. And alright I know it's not Monday... but I gathered some photos from Pinterest to inspire my self and all of you readers out there in the world.  

You can't say that this isn't pretty!

I might just really like this picture or something, but I really like the teal/sea foam look. 

I love lavender, but I feel like if you don't take care of it or do it well enough it can just end up looking dirty, and that's no fun. 

Some people have commented and said that I should go with a purple lavender ombre, tips sort of look.  I don't know though I think that I want to do my entire head and let it gradually grow into an ombre-esque look. 

I am really digging the pink, like I really have fallen in love with the pink. 

I also like how it is pale and then underneath it's bolder. (p.s. ^^ that is Perrie Edwards, she is pretty amazing anyway so yeah.)

Even though this is a professional shot and probably professionally done hair, I think that once my hair grows out more it will kinda look like that, and that is super pretty. 


The moral of this story is that I really really want to dye my hair, preferably pink! Please (this is directed to you mother of mine) Please oh please!! 

I'll keep ya updated :)


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