Ahh Bon!

Today the good ol' fam and I hit the Goodwill of Bon Air, it is one of the biggest Goodwills I think I've ever been in. It was nice, they had a rather fine selection of heels, higher than high can be, obviously not my mothers liking, so alas none were purchased...

SURPRISE! IT'S EMMA! She's home! And she's home for a little over a week, which is great! Unfortunately, since she has a job and is taking extra classes this summer she wont be able to be home too often :( But hey she is here now and that's all that matters :) 

Ahh yes the one thing that I really loved was marked with a green tag, oh so swell. 

And after some shopping.....


We discovered this awesome place called "bon früyo" yeah it was your ordinary serve your self type of frozen yogurt shop, but it was really super good. The atmosphere was also very cool, it was fun and colorful; just my style. 

I had a great day today, I love going out and spending time with my family!
Until next time :)

{Countdown to Camp = 12 days}


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