A Grand Evening, Old Sport

You guessed it!
It's kinda a funny story... 
you see old sport we enjoyed the film and story enough to get dressed up, although we didn't check to see if there were enough tickets...
We got there and the two people in front of us in line got the last tickets to The Great Gatsby. We bought tickets to "Epic" instead....
Teenagers. Yes, of course we snuck into Gatsby only after a few trailers in Epic... who do you really think we are old sport?

The movie was fabulous. I have already seen it once before this time, I could watch it all day long every day for the rest of my life and still enjoy it. 

Lucy is in the grade below me, she is one of my best friends I can't wait for her to be in high school with me next year so then I will see her all the time!

 P.s. Sorry this post is so late. We saw The Great Gatsby much before exams even started. But hey!


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