We Go Round And Round In The Circle Game

It's sad to say that the year is over for the seniors and they are off to college :(
I am going to miss them so so much, I cannot even believe how fast this year has flown by. I will no longer be the freshman, one of young years and an innocent mind. I can now call the upcoming ninth graders, "you little freshmen" Why do we grow up so fast? Some of my best friends were in the senior class this year and they will be gone from my life for long periods of time. Thank goodness for Skype!! 
Above are all the graduates, at our school all the girls get all dolled up in gorgeous white dresses and hold daisy bouquets, receiving their diplomas in style. 

The Prideaux's reserved two extra seats for Henry and me. Henry is pretty hilarious so we had a good time. 

Ann! I am going to miss this chica like CRAZY

Bestie Frands

Although my senior friends are leaving... I will still have Sunni as my older other half. Pre planned ring candle light partner love youu.

And then there's the clan. 


My hat made it's way around...

It definitely made it's way around...

Reseption/Lunch after graduation at the Country Club of Virginia (CCV) super fun. 

I am also going to miss Maddy so so much. She is such a fabulous frand. <3
Unfortunately I did not get many/any photos on my camera with Maddy more photos to possibly come.  

Some of the seniors like Ann and Maddy and even Henry are my best friends, I am so sad to see them go. We have three months though, let's live it like they are leaving the next morning. 

p.s. I still have exams...eww


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