The Tides Inn // Chapter Three // The Daily Adventure (struggle)

In the afternoon it was rainy, it rained a lot last night but then once it cleared up it was adventure time. 

I went paddle boarding! Papa and I went out on the River and paddle boarded! It was so much fun, at first It was scary. Honestly though, what I was thinking the entire time was that four letter word that begins with an F... yeah you know... FISH. I hate hate HATE fish so much, they are terrifying. I kept seeing them jump out of the water every now and then and continued to get scared if they were to jump onto my paddle board. Ahhh!! They are so so scary! That is why you will never ever see me swimming in the ocean or some huge body of water that goes past my legs... not even, like ankles. 

Other than that though it was really fun :) 

Later that afternoon...
I went out with Papa and Saunders and we played a smashing round of Disc Golf. It was actually really hard, I have awful aim, but it was really fun. I have played at camp but the holes aren't as complicated. 

Score! I'm pretty sure this picture was when I totally failed a shot.... you know... because of the wind.... 

There was a line of three trees all with swings in them, hidden away and very pleasing. 

Once we came back from our game there were cookies and lemonade at the outdoor desk for anyone to take. Everyone here is so nice! And the cookies were fabulous, most definitely increased my cookie crave.

 Not sure what we are doing tonight, but I'll keep ya posted!


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