The Tides Inn // Chapter One // Awkward and Happy

So this weekend we traveled down to The Tides Inn for a weekend of fun! Fun? Well... actually yes, you see it is for my dad's work retreat, and so far it has actually been great! Hearing the worlds "work retreat" they don't sound too great... meeting a bunch of people saying, "wow you have grown so much how's school been?" and all you can think of is, "I have never met you in my life..." over and over again, shaking so many hands...

So yeah, it was really awkward and not too fun for like the first 30 minutes. As it would be for a teenager in a world of adults and small children running and screaming. (Well the adults weren't screaming.. you know what I mean)

Saunders and I explored both in and out of all the buildings, it was really fun, and so so pretty. 

Despite my lack of chess knowledge what so ever (even though I was on the chess team in third grade, yeah it's whatevs, I was a pro no big deal.) We found a huge chess set up and played, well more or less attempted to play. 

Later, Saunders and I went on a bike ride around the resort and it's town. The bike have those low handles which made it super neato. 

Look! No hands!! I know by best friend Ally would be impressed...

Helmet selfies! 

Look! No feet! (no feet on the pedals..) This was really fun but not the safest seeing how the brake was a back pedal... sooo....

And then back to the Tides Inn 

It is really super pretty here. 

There are our little houses! :)

Not to mention room service/complimentary cookies and brownies!

Until next time! :)


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