The Tides Inn // Chapter Four // Evening Soirée

Hey there!
Tonight we are having a little bit of a dinner and dancing soirée. I'm pretty excited to say I'll be whipping out my eighth grade graduation dress for it. I forgot to pack my hair straightener on Thursday... so my hair is kinda doing it's own thing, but I think I like it!

It's very spiny :) 
Not sure though if I will get the chance to spin it though... (foreshadowing..?) 

Selfies are my friend

I got some sweet earrings in the shop today, they are old typewriter keys! I know what your thinking, "Olivia, you are normally a saver when it comes to buying things like this, and resort stores tend to be so pricey!" (basically I'm a mind reader) Let me tell you, these earrings were priced down so much it's scary...... drum roll....... from sixty one dollars....... to..... 

heading over!
aww yeah photo bomb

The resort owners daughter got married tonight so the reception was right down the hall! Some how we managed to walk in right in time for a picture... and some awkward you-aren't-supposed-to-be-here looks. 

Dat Veg Life. 

Showing off our swing dancing skills! Everyone was impressed ;)

It was such a great night, everything was so much fun. I even got to spin my skirt on the dance floor! Thanks Saunders :)

Tomorrow is our last day, I hope we do something fun! (we will)


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