The Tides Inn // Chapter Five // Linger Around

Today was our last day at The Tides Inn
sadly :(
It was so much fun though, I thought that I was missing a lot this weekend at home with my friends, but honestly, it is pretty rare just to go to a resort for a weekend. This morning, once again waking up late, we rolled out of bed, showered, and headed down to the buffet for breakfast. It was super delicious, I made waffles and had a ton of fruit. 

We stayed longer than expected, after breakfast we socialized and packed up all of our things. Then I went on a bike ride avec mi pops. After that we went swinging and then relaxed in our room. I realized that I never used my rollerblades during the entire trip! Sooo... I slipped 'em on and roller bladed up to the out door front desk for complimentary pink lemonade and cookies. We left at about two o'clock. We got kinda lost... oops. But then we swung by our cottage because my grandma is coming in town so we had to spiffy up. Then on our way home again. 

This is our only family photo from the entire trip! And of course we are all sleepy and squinty eyed from the sun, thanks mr. golden sun. 

Over all it was a fabulous weekend, I can't wait to go back soon!!


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