{Role} Model

Recently, I discovered the Paul Frank "Role Model" contest. It is through Teen Vogue. It has been my dream all my life basically to be able to open a magazine and see a real person; not some girl with elongated legs and airbrushed arms with perfectly blinding white teeth and blown out hair. A seriously real person, someone who you should look up to for their personality and quirky self, and not look up to because of their "beauty" That is just what the contest is asking for. Guess what! I entered!! shocker right..? Not quite. So we needed to send in a head shot and a body shot, so Maddy and I went to my house and snapped some pics that I could send in. 

Above my garage is a creepy apartment that no one has lived in for years on years. It is so scary, dusty and spider infested. Not to mention extremely photogenic...

I really hope I get the spot, I am not getting my hopes up too much though just because of how many girls are entering, I can only imagine!! But my hopes are just up high enough that I am excited about what ever happens. 

Wish me luck!!


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