Mama's Day Happy Day

Have your told you mother how much you love her today? 
I know I have! And I will continue to do so all day long <3
In honor of my loving mother, I woke up rather early and went on a hunt in our yard for flowers... alas, after last night's storm everything was either dying or broken. All but the trusty buttercups :)
They made for nice table decorators. As did some butterfly ephemera that my mom planned on using for her tags but I stole them and let them flutter along the center of the table. 

Seeing how I was the only one up I took a ride on the struggle bus and attempted to make brunch. The hardest part was by far cutting the pineapple... let me tell you, I was on the floor trying to cut this thing from all angles... it was not easy. It was worth it though, because my mama loves pineapple :) 
I also made cookies, pasta and an egg dish with tomatoes (don't tell her.... but i used Egg replacer and she said she liked it! Go Vegan Food!!!)

I also scattered pictures of the three kids about the table, it was really cute. 

Hi there Carly 

I made a CD of my songs and played it over the speakers through out the house, Mama really loved that. You could say when I sing to mama is is one of her favorite things. 

Lastly, while we were eating our brunch it was beautiful outside; sun was shining through the windows and birds were chirping. Although it looks like it is going to rain again phooey...

More to come on Mother's Day !

Happy Sunday


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