EEP! Everything Is Going To Be Fabulous!

It is yet another beautiful day! The weather has been fantastic lately. Perfect for sundresses with a touch of layering. I have been super busy too, Quair (our school yearbook) Saunders play, school work in general and Censations (our a cappella singing group) everything has been so stressful. I am so glad it's the weekend... then again, it's almost over. 

So yeah glasses and a short haircut... I know what your thinking, "Wow, bold move Olivia." Well yeah , but I like it a lot, I feel like Alice from Twilight! Kinda... not really, hey one can dream to be a Cullen. Let's be honest, I am a vampire. I don't know if that would be a good thing or a bad thing... hummm.....

Tomorrow evening is the Censations (our a cappella singing group) Spring/Final Concert. I am freaking out! I have the opening number!! Shhh it's a surprise... you didn't hear it from me. I went with Ann to Target today and I got a really really pretty dress which I am so excited to wear! I am also borrowing her shoes EEP! Everything is going to be fabulous! I have a busy day tomorrow, first singing at some festival party thing Hollywood Cemetery, and then homework and then the concert (which will take me a solid hour to get ready for soooo.....) Wish me luck! I will probs loose my voice I have been singing all week/weekend and have bad allergies which doesn't help. 


Oh yeah and my outfit!
Dress // Thrifted in San Fran 
Scarf // Also Thrifted
Shirt // Lulu's
Glasses they are real... // I-ZOD

Cattcha later alligator.
I'll post pics from Censations tomorrow :)


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