Daisy Day's (Only A Week Late...)

Hey! Welcome back me! (that made no sense...) 
I haven't done a real post in over a week and a half. 
Every April my school has a fair/festival (festival?) called Daisy Day's. It is so much fun, I love going every year. You got your petting zoo, blow up's (i.e. bouncy house and slide etc) and even "the shops" which is basically when our school turns into a mini mall. Stores from around richmond and businesses set up booths to sell their things and advertise. Unfortunately Ally had tech weekend for the Spring show, "Noises Off" (more to come about that later...) but I did get to spend all of Daisy Day's with my lovely best friends Joanna and Katie :)

Smitten with those kittens (Joanna's is hard to see, it's black but it blends in with her hair)

You have cat to be kitten me right meow, this is so adorable

Kitten selfies!



I had a great day trolling around with two of my favorite people in the entire world, with the cake walk, pink paper tickets and all of our Daisy Day's glory. 

yes Joanna did win a cake in the cake walk

and yes, it was delicious. 


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