When In Black And White

.relax. let yourself realize that there is still work ahead but you need to clear your mind and focus on what is really important.  for me? Exams.  

p.s. I am bad at staying away from blogs, sorry.

What Is School Anymore?? // TTFN

Hey you guessed it! It's exam week! Ohh the love I have for cumulative testing! The joy of stress to tears and no sleep!! sitting down with three or four number two pencils for about three hours... all pencils run dull, and your mind is racing when all you are saying at this point is *Icona Po…

Henry & Ann A Brief Photoshoot

After the reception at CCV Ann, Henry, Ally and I went back to Ann's house and talked with Ann's family for a little bit but then Ally and I took great opportunity and decided to take a few (tons) of photos of Ann and Henry. PHOTOSHOOT!!

At first they were a little awkward. Well Ally and I…

We Go Round And Round In The Circle Game

GRADUATION!! It's sad to say that the year is over for the seniors and they are off to college :( I am going to miss them so so much, I cannot even believe how fast this year has flown by. I will no longer be the freshman, one of young years and an innocent mind. I can now call the upcoming ni…


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