Catchy Title For This Post That I Can't Quite Think Of Now...

First things first, can you tell I put a lot of effort into my title creating, I know, they are all so fantastic and clever and witty, you don't have to tell me twice. 
And now second things second...
My brother Saunders, and I have been trying to convince my parents to move into a new house. A town house. In a place called "The Fan" All of the houses are adorable and the neighborhood is perfection for our family. Just imagine the photo shoots! Also Ally really wants me to move there as well because then we would be neighbors! Less then a 2min walk. How perfect would that be?! 
In honor of looking at houses, Ally and I got together and went on a self lead house tour. Of course we also took some pictures here and there... teehee. 

This house is right next to ally. 

This is my FAVORITE house. It's really pretty and still close to Ally!


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