Monday, April 29, 2013
Pinspiration Monday // Hair and Nails

Pinspiration Monday // Hair and Nails

Happy Pinspiration Monday!
Wow it has been way too long since I have done this, but I am extreamly sleepy and in lack of sleep, but I felt the need to blog so sorry for the lack of explination on these pictures. None of them are mine! 

Have a fantastic week! 
Sorry this post was tres uneventful 
Until next time... (hopefully sometime soon)
Friday, April 26, 2013
Spring Is That You?

Spring Is That You?

To think that spring was already here. Although the pollen is insane, it is cold again! What the what?! Sometimes though there will be a day when it's warm enough to rollerblade with Ann. I am really excited I am investing in a pair of vintage roller skates. Oh so retro!
Chalk Up The Galaxy!

Chalk Up The Galaxy!

Last weekend was "Chalk Up The Town" in Cary Town. Basically that's when the VCU students chalk up the sidewalks and then left all their chalk for other visitors to chalk as they pleased. Sooo! Ally and I ventured to Cary Town for dinner and chalked a little here and there. 

Then for dinner we went to Galaxy Diner. It was pretty galactic might I add. 

Sorry these photos were so late. I've got a big weekend coming up so more posts to come! Have a fabulous weekend :)

Monday, April 22, 2013
An Evening of Photos and Song

An Evening of Photos and Song

Last night I got the opportunity to see my amazingly talented (stepsister) friend Maddy, in her senior recital. She played harp, then piano and for a surprise encore she played guitar and sang. It was so lovely! She also showed her photography (might I add I was a model for one of her photos.. wink wink smile) It was a great performance, I am so lucky to have such a magnificent friend like Maddy :)
(photo above, Ally Katie et moi after the recital)

You've met Ann right? She is my neighbor and also in Maddy's senior class. Ann is the 

Ann and I got ready and then went to Catura for dinner before the show.

This is the only photo I got with Maddy, I know you love dat crisp quality. 

So proud of you buddy! Please stop growing up so I can spend more time with you! I love you with all my heart and am so grateful to have ever met such an amazing friend, you have absolutely changed my life :) 

Saturday, April 20, 2013
Eleventh Grade Parents Know How to Party

Eleventh Grade Parents Know How to Party

 Parties are so much fun, although we don't have them as much anymore, we did have one on Thursday. It was for the eleventh grade parents. Since Ally's sister Lexi, is in the eleventh grade, Ally came with her parents and we spied on the guests. Is that weird? There was a ton of food and lot's of great music. The best part was, I didn't get any homework done that night!
Just thought you'd like to know what I did on Thursday night...
It Ain't Easy Being Green... Unless You Are Wearing A Cute Dress

It Ain't Easy Being Green... Unless You Are Wearing A Cute Dress

Hello There
Happy sunny Saturday
This morning I woke up bright and early (as I always do) at 7:15 am getting ready for a great day. It is alumnae weekend at my school and whomever was able, went, and sang some songs for the graduates. I was going to go to the French Food Festival, but that didn't happen. Instead, I got an amazing opportunity of cleaning my room and our kitchen! Nothing new, things get dirty fast. fast. 

It's prom season, and our prom is tonight! I'm not going because it is only for juniors and seniors. My brother's going, with one of my best senior friends which is exciting. So while he get's all dapper, Ally is going to come over to my house and we are going to take pictures etc etc. Shhhh don't tell Saunders, he doesn't like appearing on the blog too much... strange child.

Moral of the story is, this is what I wore today... Surprisingly it was a bit chilly, more or less on the cold side. Fashion is fashion though, and it didn't stop me from wearing a spring dress. 
Hey I did wear high socks and my booties, not that I wear those everyday or anything..... 

Socks // Christmas Stocking
Shoes (Booties) // Old Navy

Belt // Somewhere in California, it's old
Bag // Birthday Gift // Forever21

Pearls // Burlington Coat Factory
(p.s. this place secretly has AMAZING jewelry for unbelievable low prices)
Bangles // Forever 21
(came in a set of about 20)

Soak up the sun before it get's too hot. As long as you take your allergy medications. 
Like I have to.... so many.... I hate hate HATE pollen. 
I have the worst allergies, but I manage to stay happy and healthy, just like I hope you do too!