When in RVA with EBA

She's Alive!
The flu had been going around like crazy month-ish and my poor friend Elizabeth was sick all last week, and now she is healthy and always in great condition for a trip out on the town with none other than yours truly, me!

Efptozlpedpecfd.....see I can read!

First Elizabeth and I went to a second hand shop called Ashby's. I had never been there, which is surprising because it was right up my ally! Even though it was a mixture of what different people had donated, it was all my style! Not to mention how adorable the store is!

It was such a beautiful day in Richmond
And even though it was windy and warm, we still managed to get hot chocolate without a problem :)

Tres Bien Merci!

Finally! After weeks of saving up money in my jar labeled "Uke" I went to Guitar Works and bought my ukulele! (Since then I haven't put it down! I love it so much!) Mission Accomplished!

Get it? Because she is Elizabeth Artz..? :)

Talk to you soon!
p.s. once again I did not take the time to edit ANY photos, so sorry :\
OH and we also got our nails done which was super fun. Mine are yellow and gold and hers are red and gold!!


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