Tall Double Chocolate Frappé with an Extra Espresso Shot

So school's out! Scream and shout! Finally Summers hereee..... wait... okay... not quite... not yet. 
Although the weather is still crisp and noses are red, still flu season. Spring Break is literally right around the corner! 
I'm not one to typically hit the beaches and parties right when the school bell rings, rather I would prefer to take a coffee run with my closest friends, my sisters basically. 
The best of friends, for ever and ever. 

There is always that one things though that gets me. Put down the electronics! Really! 
Nowadays, especially my generation has a tendency to prefer being alone together then together alone. Meaning that we are all together but alone in out own little electronic worlds. Rather than being in a group of our friends not in a public place, just us friends. That's the best right? If you really wanted to be with the person on the other end of your cellular conversation or whatever you are doing, they would be here with you. 


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