Ombre Inspiration

Emma is home!
And we both want to do something cool with our hair and liked the idea of ombre, soooo...
Here are some inspiration pictures that I found, Sorry a lot of them are blurry.

Olivia Wilde, we have the same name so I guess I can look as beautiful as she is

Miley Cyrus before she was crazy

I know I dont have long hair but this is really pretty

Blowing in the wind

Lauren Conrad, beauty inspiration and ombre master

Loose waves

Short Short!

Super cute and with my bangs, ehh ehh?!

Curly Miley Cyrus

Caroline Flack at her best, angry, poor poor Harry Styles... (One Direction reference anyone?)

Alexa Chung post bangs middle part, I'm so doing this

More Lauren

And more Miley

Short Ombre Alexa

She DIY-ed her Ombre hair

So in conclusion, this may or may not be what our hair ends up looking like, we will see. Off to the drug store now to get the dye! 

I will post a follow up with before, during and after shots. 
See ya then! 


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