Pinspiration Monday // Home

So I have decided to start a new thing, "Pinspiration Monday!" So some inspirational things from Pinterest, credit to this idea goes fully to another blogger, Lauren, over here. Who doesn't need a little inspiration every Monday now and then? 

I would love to have this be a dining room for a beach house. I love the color scheme. 
The white and windows also makes it a beautiful bright room perfect for the summer. 

I love love LOVE hard wooden rafters in any room in any house. Trust me, if you walked into my dream house, every room would have wooden rafters. Ever since I was little I have also always loved "couch beds" beds that are set up like couches. Even just the other day I moved my bed against the wall just so it could be a couch bed. It kinda worked. 

This isn't my favorite steel work, BUT the pebbles reminded me to tell you that, I have been collecting snapple bottle caps and I am going to make a huge headboard of all of the snapple facts and hang it in my kitchen just like this when I am older. 

I am not one for themed rooms, but imagine an adorable bunk room for twins or triplets, or just one kid who has a lot of sleepovers! I would love to go over to that friends house. And again this sort of goes with the first image, for a themed beach house. 

Again... WOOD! I know for a fact that my house when I am older is going to be big and very opened. I love airy and spacey homes with lots of places to put things in. 

Anything natural in a home personally for me is to die for. High ceilings and  wood and stone work! I think I'll write the check right now. 

I love bohemian looking bedrooms. This one looks like it's a mix of boho vintage. LOOOOOOOOVE it !!! <3

And lastly, how nice would it be to have a room like this as a sitting room, or sitting area attachment to your fabulous dressing room/closet!

"Home is wear the heart is." 

This quote speaks for it's self, when it says the heart is right there at home, and you can create and make it any way you like :)

Until next time 


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