Ombre Expeditions!!

On our way to the store to get the hair dye!

Garnier Olia, this is the dye we used to ombre our hair.


Do you think we look alike? I don't...

Dying our hair!

So unfortunately... that dye did not work at all. So on Saturday, we went back to the store and got this:

Gettin' ready 

Hoping that it will work, 

But of course... 
Back at the store on Sunday

We really wanted it to work this time so we went with the Absolute Platinum. 

Gettin' ready for the final time


This is Emma's hair after she washed it out, sorry it's still wet. 

We also painted our nails :)

Turns out that threes a charm when ombre dying your hair. 
Emma and I will do a photo shoot to show you how it all ended up.
Until then...


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