Hey there,
so Spring Break is over basically today. Okay well Sunday is the last day but tonight is the last night of stay up until the sun rises sleepovers and not worrying about what kind of Physics test Mr. Mahler has up his sleeve to confuse us all. But, knowing me, I am in my room, blogging. It's rainy and and humid outside, one of those blast TSwizzle and dance around your room nights. Although it hasn't been like that all day...

Last night I slept over at Katie's house, it was a lot of fun, but since she is starting lacrosse again we wont have time to hang out anymore. That's the thing about high school, like I know (and at least hope) that I will be friends with my friends forever, but in high school, everyone parts their separate ways and finds their own people and who they are. Gosh, I can't even imagine what college is like! But not thinking about that, for another day... 
So I went with Katie and her family to Kobe, a Japanese hibachi steak house, but obviously I got the vegetarian meal, as vegan as I could get. And it was so much fun. Our chef was really entertaining and engaging, he did so many tricks and cool stuff, he even made a vegetable volcano

And to think, accidental pictures of fire are always the best. 

So then today, Katie and I hung out with her little sister Hannah and just lounged around. But for lunch we walked to Joe's Market (or Libbie Market, what ever you want to call it) 
These are some pics from today!
Hello there little friend :)

Daffodils, the sign that spring is coming! 

Sooo... Katie and I attempted some jumping pictures of us clicking our heals, we are weird let's just leave it at that. 

More Daffys!

Silhouettes in the sky

"The only people worthy to be in your life are the ones who are with you through hard times and then are able to laugh with you after the hard time passes."
I liked this quote because I am so lucky to have friends like that. The ones who aren't able to get mad and stay mad, or play a joke on you with out laughing and telling you. And although we may choose different paths down the road, we will always be there to laugh with each other.


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