Is That Your Grandma's Coat?

I am going to pop some tabs
I only have twenty dollars in my pocket
I I'm a hunting
Looking for a come-up

Truly the only way to ever shop, through the thrift world. Last night I scoped out the scene of "Fan Tastic Thrift" with my mom. It was pretty great, I got some really fun clothes. 
The one thing about thrift shops is the reputation that they have that I never understand. There are three points of views on thrift shops, there's the "Yes! I love thrifting it's the best deals and great unique stuff!" Then you have the unskilled shoppers who think, "Ew the thrift shop? That stuff is all cheap and other people have worn it, eww." And lastly there are the people who basically just don't have a preference and don't really know what's going on. 
As far as that second person goes...
What's not to like?!

And I always come home satisfied
On this trip I got a numerous amount of fabulous things...

one being a particular dress...
I really love this dress, personally, I have a weakness for polkadots, especially ones that make me feel like I am in another decade.

I don't know... '50s? What do you think?
Thrift shops are also great for cheap basics, heck, this was 99 cents!

Places even like Forever 21 and Target have basics, but for like $9.99, always trying to trick us with the 99 cents. It only works when there are no other numbers... 

I don't think I can tell you how "in" collared shirts are at the moment. I love layering them and tying them with high wasted skirts and pants, having them open as a little cardi. They are probably one of the most flexible articles of clothing, and they come in SO MANY patterns!

In the spirit of spring and summer, I decided to get a fun dress. Perfect to wear out anywhere, maybe a beach cover up? Brunch date? Outdoor concert? Really whatever, and my mother was rather rather fond of this one, even more than I was, which is always a plus. 

So the next time that you go to thrifting (which should be the next time you shop...) Find the little things and don't forget to stop by the Unique Boutique...

Quote of the day:
"Shopping tip: You can get shoes for 85 cents at the bowling alley, but you can only get them for 84 at the thrift shop"


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