Happy St. Patrick's Day // Clothing

So what are you wearing on this fine holiday? 
Well, it all depends on what you are doing. 

Are you just hanging around the house? 
(please please ignore my awkward faces, it was the morning)

For just lounging around and blogging (teehee that's me!)
I like comfy clothes that are really easy to move around in. Like leggings, and a light top. And if you want to get cozy or it's a rainy day, I like fuzzy socks and a warm sweater. 

Tank top // Clearance Gap
Cardi // Thrifted Old Navy
Leggings // Emma's... shhhh don't tell
Fuzzy Socks // Target {Gifted}
Bow // American Apparel {Gifted}
Earrings // Passed Down {Vintage}
Necklace // Well... it's plastic so my craft room

Or are you going to brunch? Or out somewhere with friends?

It's time for Spring Dresses! 
I really love this dress so much, and I can't help but buy into the socks with heels trend. This 40's-esque look is to die for and perfect for sunny days hitting the town. 
These shoes I thrifted and they are MOD CLOTH! Knowing how fabulous and PRICEY Mod Cloth is, it was an amazing buy, for $5

Okay for some reason i really like this photo, I don't know about you, but I just do. 

Dress // Clementine
Belt // Forever21
Socks // Ralph Lauren 
^{Came in a set with other colors as well}^
Shoes // Thrifted Mod Cloth {GREAT BUY!}

Or are you going to a party to get your dance on?
(more dorky faces)

This dress was my FIRST ever Cotillion dress, from seventh grade, through the years it has gotten a wear out of itself. It's really cool, if you can tell, its silk and velvet. LOVE IT!

Shrug Sweater thingy // Costume Closet
Dress // TJ MaxX
Shoes // Thrifted Mod Cloth

Well no matter what you ended up doing today, I hope you had a terrific St. Patrick's Day. 
And if you are Irish and reading this in Ireland, Erin Go Braugh! (Ireland Forever)


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