Erin Go Bragh

Yesterday, I ventured into the Catholic world of "Little Sisters of the Poor".  Immediately greeted with smiles from nuns, my 'Shutter Island' mind took over and I felt like a detective. Making up crazy scenarios, and stories of what they really do to their residents... Obviously, the Little Sisters of the Poor, is a harmless organization that invites elderly people under their wing and takes care of them. But being a detective was fun too. When we got their we took a tour, and got put to work. With a cloth and squeegee in hand, I am determined that I am the best window washer in the world. (we washed windows...) Then, after a lunch break, the Little Sisters put our creative minds to the test and had us decorate their auditorium for St. Patrick's Day! It was so much fun, and they had a ton of decorations so it ended up looking really festive! 

They had some interesting banners, like our personal favorite, "Erin Go Bragh"

We got kind of crazy with the glitter....

 Once we finished decorating, we got to play BINGO! With the elderly! 

 They were all so nice and sweet. Ally Joanna and I won multiple times but we weren't allowed to call Bingo :( 

I really liked interacting with all of the people and making their homes clean and festive, not only was it something to get community service hours, but in general the experience was great. Especially seeing their faces as they walked into the decorated auditorium. 

Quote of the Day:
"You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old."
--George Burns
To me this quote means, everyone will grow up and age someday. But that doesn't mean that you have to be that stereotypical grouchy and rude old person who slams the door in your face. 

In the end of the day it doesn't matter on how much work you did or the time you spent, its how you felt doing it, quality over quantity. 


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