Don't Make Me Scarf You Down...

I love scarves, most definitely a key accessory, they are so flexible and can be worn with virtually anything. Scarves come in all different shapes, sizes, patterns and types! Perfect for any season, whether it be a heavy fur scarf, a chunky knit, or light silk scarf, you name it!

I absolutely love these types of scarves. I love fur; vests, jackets and of course SCARVES! This scarf is so warm and snuggly, the fur makes it chic and classic, while the poof balls gives it personality and quirk. Just like me! :)
And it's also my sister's...

I started wearing and collecting square scarves ever since I saw one of my friends/fashion icons wear them. Ally Murillo is one of the most trendy people I know, she sports a square scarf like no other. 

Who you lookin' at?

Bandana scarves aren't only for bandits... or are they...?

I like long ribbon scarves because you can tie them like a tie; a bow, or let it hang, really what ever!

I wear this scarf all the time, it's a thick knit, with a fun pattern. My aunt gave it to me in 2011 for Christmas and I still wear it all the time.

Another scarf from my aunt, from this Christmas... This one is so unique I love it, and even though it is fun and has a lot of different pieces to it it is easy to match with things and looks good with most everything. 

Probably my favorite scarf at the moment. It is ombre with a golden fringe at the bottom. It's light and flowey, my favorite combination made up in one little scarf. Not only is it great with comfy sweaters and cozy cardigans, it is so light that is a summer and spring scarf as well. 

The circle scarf. Where can you go wrong? There are so many types, like this one is light and cheery while this one is...

heavy and dark, but so comfortable and cozy.

The funny thing about this scarf is that, I bought it and it was stapled in a messed up way and I had been wearing it as if I never took the tag off. So it was all folded and crinkled but it worked, so I never took the tag off and I just wear it like that. 

Short. Knit. Warm. Classic. This scarf is my sister's, and if I could, I would steal it all the time, it is so easy to wear with things and it is so pretty. Ya hear that Emma...? I'd watch your closet, you never know what might just get stolen ;)

Quote of the day:
"So when you're cold
From the inside out
And don't know what to do.
Remember love and friendship,
And warmth will come to you."
--Stephen Cosgrove

Stay warm while it is still cold, don't get the flu! Trust me I can almost smell the spring time air, it's coming.


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