Did We Catch Him?!?!

Ever since I was basically born, my siblings and I have made a house/resort/trap for the leprechaun on St. Patty's Day. So last night at around 1:45-2 am I woke up suddenly and thought, "I FORGOT!" So I turned on the lights and walked around my room trying to find something that I could make a leprechaun house/resort/trap out of. I took books, slippers, pencils, tags and weird plastic animals, went downstairs and made a house. By my fear of the dark, and being the only one awake, I'm sure my dogs thought that there was a burglar setting up camp in our foyer or something. But I made it, sadly though since Emma (my sister, you know that) is in college and Saunders was asleep (he's a Junior in High School) I went another year making it by myself. 

When I woke up, all the animals had clovers and there were sour punch straws everywhere. 

Have a great green St. Patty's Day! :)


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