Chocolate Truffles

This is officially my first ever recipe post! Yay! 
For Valentine's Day (and I realize that was a while ago) I made Chocolate Truffles for all of my friends, and my valentine's. They were really great and I am surprised as to how well they turned out. 

These truffles will take over night plus about two hours 
(mainly of freezing)

These particular Chocolate Truffles only requite 6 things:
1. Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate 
(I used Baker's and that's what worked best for me)
2. Cream Cheese
(Again I used Philadelphia, and really anything will work, it all tastes the same)
3. A Large Bowl
4. Slightly Smaller Bowl
4. Wax Paper or Plastic Cutting Board
5. Freezer
6. Microwave

Your Ingredients:
Depending on how many truffles you intend on making, then you can decide how much cream cheese and chocolate you need. This made around 25 large-ish ones.

Start off by opening your cream cheese:
Put all of your cream cheese into a bowl and whip it up, stir it fully once you think you will be able to form it into the desired shape and size. 

Then, Open the Chocolate:
Of course take the time to make it into a pretty pyramid or house, they are chocolate blocks after all. 
But then, once you have played with it, separate half, put in the slightly smaller bowl and microwave until melted. Then mix in with cream cheese. Taste it as you go, for however chocolatey you want it.

Nibble on some of the chocolate, after all, it is Semi-Sweet and delicious.

 After nibbling...
Form your chocolate creme cheese into balls whatever size you want onto either wax paper a mat or plastic cutting board. Then, place in freezer anywhere from two to three hours. Just so the truffles are hard and can hold their shape.

Using the left over chocolate, melt it and dip the truffles into the melted chocolate for a coating.

Add sprinkles if you want.

Freeze overnight. 
Enjoy! Eat all of the truffles up and share them with your friends! :)

Just don't forget to clean up...

Please tell your friends about this recipe, share it on your blog, make it your self and blog about it! And if you want feel free to credit All Those Little Things :)
Enjoy! And I hope you have fun making them 


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