Cary Town Livin'

Yesterday I met up with my friend Sallie, whom I have not hung out with in forever. It was so much fun we hit the streets and put our skills to the test, we window shopped like pro's. Cary Town is a part of Richmond with tons of fun stores, vintage, antique, second hand, and GREAT restaurants! 
But Sallie and I mainly dappled in the antique vintage used area and then some. 

Although we did go to American Apparel 
Made in the USA!  

J'aime les fleurs!

Every time I go to Need, I can't help but feeling so classsssy


Mirror selfies are acceptable and encouraged just about anywhere and everywhere.

I really liked this store, everything in it was vintage and antique, so many trinkets and interesting things to look at and discover!

Chop Suey is a book store that takes used books and resells them. With selections from cookbooks, to heavy reading novels and literature. Chop Suey is cozy and inviting. You will come across people leaning up against walls reading and sipping coffee. Most of the people who shop there you would call "hipsters"; choppy bangs, beanies, books in hand, lots of layered clothing and a laid back vibe. Humm... should I cut my bangs again..? I'd fit right in. 

Sallie was born in the wrong decade...

Bygones is a vintage by decade lovers heaven. It's overwhelming how many amazing dresses and fascinators they have in that place. Sallie and I managed to spend at the least two hours in there... guilty pleasures and fashion shows honestly. 

 B-Sides, yet another great thrift boutique in the wondrous world of Cary Town, they have tons of GREAT clothes. But not only do they have stylish fashion, but they have fun bumper stickers cool records and art. Its colorful and fun. A great stop for anyone of the thrifting verity. Hey, that's me!

It was a great day, and especially perfection because it was the first day since we sprung the time forward. Right when the time changes, so does the weather. It was a beautiful warm day, pleasant and cheery. It looks like a bright and fun Spring is ahead of us. 

"Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes"
--Carl Friedrich Gauss
The quote I chose for today basically speaks for itself. :)

Happy Spring!


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