An Evening with Joanna in Black and White

One of my best friends Joanna is an intense competitive swimmer, she wakes up every morning at four to swim. She has swim meets every single weekend. Therefore, she is so hard to hang out with. She is always busy and her schedule is alway packed. But yesterday, we had a half day for the Easter weekend, so we went to lunch together and to a show.

Our lunch experience was really interesting. So all plans went as planned, we were going to get lunch at Noodles & Co. and then go back to my house and just chill out and watch a movie or something. 

Waiting for our lunches! Since it was packed, we decided to get our lunch togo. 

 Once we got our lunches, we went outside and walked around a little bit to find somewhere to eat, not sure why we didn't just eat at Noodles' outdoor seating, we walked and walked and walked. Finally we chose Panera, thinking that we could just be sly and walk in and sit and eat somewhere, we walk in attempting to be sneaky and all of a sudden, I drop my Nantucket Nectar. It shatters all over the floor, the restaurant gets completely silent. Joanna just starts laughing a lot and I get totally red. While everyone is still looking at me, the manager walks over, and tells us, "Hey don't worry about it I will clean it up you guys just get in line and order your things and everything will be alright, don't worry its really fine." With a smile on his face, Joanna and our stomachs drop at the thought of 'getting in like and buying something' More food?! So evidently, we do...

Our only regret being the side affects of being so full it hurt. 

Then we ventured over around the corner into Old Navy
Can you find Joanna?


Once we got home we watched "Spirited Away" which we both remember watching when we were really young and being terrified, so we faced our fears and turns out it was not that scary at all. 

Then we turned into spy's and followed my brother but failed because we were traveling by foot and he was driving with his friends. But we ventured down to the river and found some camp sights. Barefoot trudging in prickly leaves, sticks and mud. And honestly, fur pillows..... are hard to actually sleep on. 

Later that night we went to go see Richmond Shakespeare's "The Tempest" 

We got all dressed up

Mirror selfies are a must

Our friend Isabelle (top left) was the youngest in the show and a main character, Miranda. She was amazing, really got into her character. We are so SO proud of her :) 

This was the set, too cool for black and white. 

I had so much fun with Joanna, she is hilarious and always in the best mood. 

Until next time
See ya later!


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