At Long Last

After not having seen Ally for an entire twenty four hours, my separation anxiety was kicking in. Good thing we were able to go out and get ice cream! Non dairy of course ;) 

Let's face it, a proud diva right hur.

What is Ally Wearing? Shirt // Target Jeans // Lucky Brand Shoes // Rainbows Hea…

Easter's Eve

Happy Easter's Eve! For those of you who celebrate it, and even if you don't... Tomorrow is Easter, I was really glad that today was warn and beautiful out. A perfect day for a photo shoot. Well that is only because tomorrow (Easter) it is supposed to pour all day long. What a disappointme…

An Evening with Joanna in Black and White

One of my best friends Joanna is an intense competitive swimmer, she wakes up every morning at four to swim. She has swim meets every single weekend. Therefore, she is so hard to hang out with. She is always busy and her schedule is alway packed. But yesterday, we had a half day for the Easter wee…


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