To Be or Not To Be

some kind of cult where people sit in small homes and eat nothing but nuts all day. 

Well... not quite. It's more like...

a diet that consists of anythings, except; meat, dairy, eggs, leather, wool etc. Anything coming form an animal is absolutely off limits. 

When people ask about it, first thing, "Is it hard?" honestly, no not all all. For some people yes, it may very well be the hardest thing that they will ever come across, but what about when you see all the movies, read the books... what about when you actually know how they treat the animals on "farms". Now I will not get into any sort of rant (even though with this topic it is so SO easy) But on the other end, I want to say some of the vegan delicacies that I have discovered, like Cookies + Cream Cupcakes from "Pearls". 

They are thick, but creamy and dare I say it... moist! The frosting is to die for. But think about this, putting a label on it that says "Vegan" can really turn a person off. Well I guess more for me!

Reflecting celebrating the vegans in the world, 
The quote of the day:
"If a man earnestly seeks a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from animal food"
-- Count Leo Tolstoy (1829-1910)


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